Rail transit and cars

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1. Vibration damping pad: used for the bottom of the rails to play a damping role.

2. Sound-absorbing and vibration-damping composite cotton: stable and durable flame retardant performance, with comprehensive performance characteristics of sound-absorbing and vibration-damping effect.

3. Rail vibration absorbing material: It has excellent performance characteristics such as sound absorption and vibration reduction.

4. Vibration damping parts: metal and special rubber inserts, which have super strong vibration damping effect.

5. Sleeper pieces: used for track connection, play a role of damping and buffering, with long service life (excellent aging resistance).

6. Dust cover: It is used for accessories near high-speed rail motors to prevent sundries, dust, and oil from entering the components, and has excellent protection.

7. Waterproof sealant: It has extremely strong sealing performance and can effectively prevent water vapor from infiltrating. It is used for fixing and protecting the lamp line.

8. Dust jacket: It can effectively prevent sundries, dust, oil, etc. from entering, and protect the connecting shaft.

9. Automotive vibration damping plate: flame retardant damping and noise reduction composite material, which has the characteristics of adapting to a wide temperature range (-40 ° C to 80 ° C) and a wide frequency (0-6300Hz), excellent aging resistance and long service life; Good vibration and sound insulation.

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